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My Experience with Smile Direct Club


Hey there! So, this post is kind of totally random, but it's something I wanted to talk about because it has helped me so much in becoming more comfortable in my own skin post partum.  Let me first start this off by saying that I am in no way getting compensated to talk about my experience with Smile Direct Club with you, I honestly just want to share the information on the off chance that someone else was/is in the same boat as I was.  I paid for the service, and they don't even know I'm sharing, so it's totally unbiased!

Ok, so you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about at this point.  First, a little back ground.  Smile Direct Club is a company that makes a product almost identical to what most people know as Invisalign.  These are clear, plastic retainers that are worn pretty much 24-7 that are supposed to be "invisible".  You wear them to correct what would be considered cosmetic issues with your teeth and smile.  The huge draw of devices like these has been the fact that you can forego the dreaded metal braces as an adult and still feel like you're not a pimply teenager just trying to make it out of puberty alive.  

I have always had what one would consider a HUGE A$$ gap between my two front teeth.  Big enough to spit water through that's for sure, and ever since I can remember it's been something I've been hugely self-conscious about.  I mean, your smile is the first thing people notice about you, amiright?  I never got braces growing up, but I did get what is called "bonding" when I was in high school, which basically is when they create a fake part of your tooth to fill in the gap, and while I loved the results from that, slowly, over time, the bonding eroded, and my gap reappeared.  In the last few years, it worsened almost to it's original state, and so of course I looked to Invisalign to see if it was something I would be interested in.

Has anyone ever researched Invisalign?! While totally effective, that ISH IS EXPENSIVE AF.  AND, as an adult, our insurance doesn't contribute one bit for "cosmetic" orthodontics. Stupid. So Invisalign was a no-go for me.  Then I came across this company, and the more I researched, the more intrigued I became.  With Smile Direct, everything is done by mail.  They send you the molds and putty to create an imprint of your teeth.  Then they analyze it, and tell you if you're a candidate for the retainers.  Then they let you know how long your corrections will take, and continue to send you retainers that are numbered over the course of your treatment, and remind you when to change to the next set until you are done.  At the end, you have the option to buy a permanent retainer, which is what I'm on.

Here's my honest feedback:


    1) Cost: So much more affordable than Invisalign, can be paid in a lump sum or monthly payments, and most of the time can be reimbursed through an HSA (be sure to check with your individual plan)

    2) Ease: Everything done by mail, no trips to the dentist AT ALL.  

    3) Effectiveness: I'm super pleased with the outcome, considering I never wore them as often as I was supposed to (suggested 22 hours out of the day), and I still had great results.


    1) They are somewhat visible to me (not unnoticeable by others).

    2) They have to be worn ALL THE TIME, which is kind of annoying when you eat and drink pretty much all damn day (you have to remove them to eat and drink, and floss/brush between)

    3) Lisping: I never could master talking with them in and not sounding like I was lisping, and considering I talk for a living basically, that was hard!

 All in all, I'd recommend this to anyone that has minor cosmetic issues with their teeth that they'd like corrected, as that was my experience.  For the cost, and the ease of it, you really can't beat it.  I've had numerous compliments on my smile since using this product, and I feel much more comfortable flashing my pearly whites!

To some, it might sound vain, but for me, dealing with weird post partum body issues, transitioning into a new job where I needed to look professional and put together, it really just helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin, and was one less thing for me to worry about.  Considering my smile is the first thing people see, I wanted to fee confident, and I totally do.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have at any time, and I can give you further feed back on my personal experience with this company!

Feel free to click the button below to learn more about Smile Direct Club:

**Full Disclaimer: Smile Direct Club does offer Referral Rewards for anyone that purchases retainers through this link**

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