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Detoxing Your Home: Household Cleaning with Branch Basics

Detoxing Your Home: Household Cleaning with Branch Basics

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Hi friends!  I'm so pumped to share this post because this is something that was one of the very last things I transitioned to safer when I started this crazy health journey.  If you've listened to the podcast, or followed me for a while, you know for me it started with a shift in mindset with what I was eating (hello paleo based eating, goodbye convenience store hotdogs and Big Gulp Diet Sodas<--YES I DID EAT THIS SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK FOR LUNCH), then I traded in my long-distance marathoning for CrossFit (courtesy of my now husband dragging me to my first WOD), and more recently I transitioned our family personal care products and my make-up to safer options to start working on the environmental toxin load we were experiencing as a family.

It's been a long road for me (6 years to be exact), and there are STILL so many things left I could be doing to make an even more significant impact on our environmental toxin load, but I'm here to tell you ONCE STEP AT A DAMN TIME.  Try not to think about ALL THE THINGS, and focus on one thing you can do each month to reduce your toxin load and go from there.  Whether that's buying stainless steel straws, reusable lunch bags, house plants, a water filration system or a new non-toxic mascara--one thing at at time.  Every tiny decision that we make to replace carcinogens being absorbed in our body, through our products and environment makes a difference.

Funny story, this is the SECOND time I've written this post.  The first time I was just about to hit "publish" and CRASH. Yeah. That SUCKED.  But, IM BACK, and here to spread the non-toxic gospel because I get SO fired up that I can't stop TYPING IN ALL CAPS.  

I've had a long history with my magic eraser full of formaldehyde.  I love it.  I use it all the time, I use/d all sorts of cleaners that had harmful ingredients because I could never find a natural alternative that actually worked.  To me, what was the point if something was super duper safe, if it didn't actually do what it was supposed to do, ie CLEAN THE DAMN HOUSE.  

But what does it cost you healthwise when you cling to products that work, but are TOXIC to your system?  The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a group that rates consumer products on toxicity, recently did a study to test a large group of household cleaning products and what they found was appalling.  Only 7% of the products tested accurately listed the ingredients being used--translation there is a high likelihood that a ton of products on the market have even MORE harmful ingredients than we thing.  53% of those products included lung harming agents, and several of them also included well known cancer causing ingredients like formaldehyde and chloroform.  WHAT THE ACTUAL F. Amiright?  If that doesn't freak you out just a little bit, then I don't know what would.  It's clear that although medical technology is advancing in the US, our health status as a nation is declining.  If switching out some non-toxic products in your home might improve your overall health status and decrease the likelihood of expressing even genetically linked disease and conditions, would you do it?

Beware also of "greenwashing" a concept in which companies will try to filter or present their products in a favorable or healthy light to misinform or convince the consumer that they are "safe", when often times they are hiding known harmful agents within the product.  Beware of products with labels like WARNING, CAUTION, or DANGER, even if they claim to be safe, non-toxic or all natural.  For more information on how to review your current home cleaning products, and to find red flags, visit here.

Enter Branch Basics, an amazing woman owned and operated company, based out of my home state of Texas.  These three women each have amazing stories of overcoming their own unique health journey, and I can't wait to have them on the podcast to share. Branch Basics is a plant and mineral based cleaning line that mostly works off of ONE concentrated formula that can be used to make several different household cleaners including and All-purpose, Bathroom, and Streak-Free cleaner, as well as use for laundry, and Foaming Hand Soap.  Their Starter Kit includes the concentrate, bottles for each of the cleaners and instructions on how to use them.  Not only does this line WORK, but it's incredibly budget friendly in that one 32 oz bottle of concentrate will get you:

  • 16 All-Purpose bottles (24 oz), at $3.06 each ($0.12 per oz)
  • 10 Bathroom bottles (24 oz), at $4.90 each ($0.20 per oz)
  • 240 Streak-Free bottles (24 oz), at $0.20 each (less than $0.01 per oz)
  • 17 Foamer Bottles (10 oz), at $2.88 each ($0.28 per oz)
  • 192 Laundry loads at $0.26 per load

With typical use you can fill 3 All-Purpose, 3 Bathroom, 3 Streak-Free, 3 Foaming Wash, and 60 loads of laundry!

The entire line is non-GMO, fragrance free, gluten-free, human safe, and free of harmful preservatives.  Every ingredient used ranks a 1 (on a scale of 1-10) on the EWG site for toxicity--this is HUGE you guys.

I actually put this line to the ultimate test by using the all purpose cleaner with a dose of the Oxygen Boost to clean my fridge (hadn't been touched in 1.5 years, I kid you not), and my stove (constantly caked with dried food), and let me tell you it performed just as good, if not better than my beloved Magic Erase. BYE MR.CLEAN.  The really great part, I didn't have to open the windows, wear gloves, or not breath through my nose to avoid inhaling fumes the entire time.  I'm sold.  I will never EVER use another cleaner in my house, and you guys this isn't even a sponsored post, I'm just quite literally OBSESSED.

There's so much more I could say, (and did say the freaking first time I wrote this), bu the bottom line is, in terms of doing something to make a big change in reducing toxic load for my family this was the most cost friendly, and easiest transition we have ever had to make.  We've had the concentrate for over 2 months, and we still have more than half of the bottle to go.  It will last us 6 months or more with every day use, and it stinking works.  Cheap and safe?  You know I'm bout dat life.  

Feel free to hit me up with any questions, I'm happy to give my full unbiased opinion!  Click here to learn more about Branch Basics!


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