Why Beautycounter?

Part of this lifestyle section is about self-care and the shift in your mentality that takes you from "I'm not important enough to invest in" to "I'm worth it. I'm worth loving.  I'm worth valuing. I'm worth it, and my family is worth it" type thinking.  Let me tell you a story..

Prior to my days of finding a more holistic and nourishing lifestyle I used to neglect myself.  In so many ways.  From punishing my body for any ounce of "fat" by running miles and miles, to starving myself, to eating diet soda and low-fat products, to NEVER wearing sun protection, and finally, to putting loads of toxic products onto my skin in the name of being "frugal".  Honestly, I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I was being "healthy".  But I didn't have a healthy relationship with food, my body, or my soul.  

Fast forward some years, and I met a guy who changed my life. Got me into functional fitness, eating a diet of whole, real foods, and helped me to love myself a little more every day.  Said guy became husband (because duh, we put a ring on that!), husband and wife become mama and daddy, and now we have two beautiful kiddos that make our world go round.  And still, though we were physically strong, and nourishing our bodies with real food, we continued to put toxic junk into our systems and our children's systems by using TOXIC personal care products for the whole family.  I thought I was buying "decent" options because the shampoo said "non-toxic" or "junk-free", but little did I know that you can't trust the beauty and personal care industry when it comes to labeling because there is little to no federal requirements for how they market and what ingredients they disclose to the public.

The last time the federal government passed a law regulating cosmetics: 1939.

I finally got intrigued by a wise mentor and friend who began using and talking about Beautycounter.  I learned, through her, that Beautycounter was a company on a mission to change the beauty and personal care industry by setting the HIGHEST standard in the market for their products.  Meaning they were dedicated to not only NEVER using over 1,500 harmful chemicals in their products (ingredients that are banned in most other major industrial countries), but they were also pouring time and efforts into changing federal legislation in the U.S. regarding the cosmetics industry.  What I didn't know is that the products I was using before Beautycounter were toxic to my hormonal and reproductive systems, and so much more. I didn't know that the toxins I was absorbing in my bloodstream were being passed directly to my babies, even before they were born!

Number of ingredients currently banned in personal care products in the United States: 11

So I did something about it. I realized all my talk about saving money on cheaper products, and "oh but we eat really well, so it doesn't matter", really came down to the fact that I didn't think I was worth investing in when it came to buying safe and quality products.  So first, I started with switching my kids products over because of course I wanted to keep them safe! Then eventually, little by little, I saw how amazing the products were, how safe, and how high performing (even for my kids' curly hair!), and I slowly switched the whole family over to safer personal care products.  It was a hard, and took a while (because budget!), but we finally did it, and the fact that these products are so high performing, and last so long--it ends up being a budget win for us!

Eventually, because you can't ignore something this amazing, I joined as a consultant.  I want to get real with you guys for a second. I hate multilevel marketing.  The thought of being messaged or reached out to from a "friend", only to find out that the only reason they want to chat is to sell you something they've become a part of used to (and still does) make me cringe.  I felt that way about Beautycounter too.  But it's not MLM to me, it's connecting with people, spreading a message that is so important about the products we use for our families, and letting people know they have options when it comes to making those choices for our families.

That's my why, my how.   I did it for my babies first, and then finally I realized that I'm worth taking care of too.  That I only have one body and one life here on Earth, so why shouldn't I treat it well?  If you're interested in learning more about the mission or the products, feel free to contact me or visit my site below to look around!  

Step 1:  Start by switching out just ONE product for something safer.  

Step 2:  Fall in love with said product and slowly switch out your whole routine.

Step 3:  Host a social (in person or online) to spread the word about our mission (and qualify for tons of free products!)

Step 4:  Fight the resistance and join as a consultant!

Of course, you may be a whole lot smarter than I was and just skip to Step 4 right away if you want! :)  Thank you for listening to my why, I am so excited you are here friends!