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Triple Layer Yogurt Freezer Bites

Triple Layer Yogurt Freezer Bites

Well Guys. It happened again...this whole recipe development thing is a serious learning process.  And the lesson learned today is WRITE EVERYTHING YOU DO DOWN. And when you do write it down, make sure you put it someplace sacred, like a family vault, or a fire-proof safe, or geez, maybe even a notebook that's not going anywhere.  You definitely do not want to scribble it all down on a random piece of scratch paper and then toss it in your ginormous Bag O' Life (my "purse") and then throw it away when you decide that today of all days, is the one day out of the year that you want to clean said Bag O' Life. I mean, really?  I was feeling so good about that decision until I went to type up all the recipes from this past weekend and noticed mysuper organized recipe list scribble sheet was gone.  Then I FREAKED OUT.  Because really, recipe testing is a lot of trial and error, and more of this, and less of that, and change this amount, and plus I already have a limit to the information that can be retained in this mom brain, and when it gets written down somewhere, deep in my brain I release it (because I seriously can't hold any more thoughts in there!).

I was so sad that I even went to the dumpster and looked into it.  I saw the trash bag. THE ONE WITH ALL THE PAPERS IN IT. And then I saw the....other trash. The peels, and the coffee grounds, and the old food thrown away (ok you get the picture, I'll stop before it gets too graphic here).  But even that wasn't the main deterrent from me going in there and digging through the trash.  The one thing stopping me is I physically could not hoist myself up into the dumpster. I'm just too pregnant ya'll.  The laws of physics aren't working in my favor, I would have literally had to bend the rules of gravity, which I just haven't quite figured out yet how to do.  So all those delicious recipes I perfected, I now have to go back and do over.  What are the odds of me getting it perfect again the second go round? One can hope, sigh....

Anywho, these are so easy to make that you practically don't even need a recipe, which is why I had no trouble at all remembering how to make them (that and the fact that I may have made them ten times since I came up with the idea...don't judge me).  These little bite sized chunks of goodness are the perfect little frozen treat for when you just need something to nom on, but you don't want to go through the trouble of whipping up a big dessert.  The texture of the yogurt when frozen is slightly ice cream-ish which I also love.  These are also so easily customizable.  When I made them, all they had was strawberry banana coconut yogurt, so I went with that, and topped them with chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle and they were PERFECTION.  To make the drizzle I just used the leftover melted chocolate chips I had and put them into a little sandwich baggie, cut a TINY hole in the corner and squeezed the drizzle out over the coconut bite.  They ended up beautiful!

A few notes about this little treat. #1) Store bought coconut milk yogurt isn't PERFECT paleo.  But it is a more gut friendly option if you're missing the texture and taste of real dairy yogurt.  You can also sub full fat grass fed milk yogurt or a good quality full-fat greek yogurt if you can handle the occasional dairy.  Really the options are endless there.  #2) When using the melted chocolate for your bottom layer use only a VERY FREAKING THIN LAYER.  I'm telling you, although in most cases more chocolate is always better, in this case, it's just not so.  Too much chocolate on the bottom will make that layer really, really hard, and really hard to bite through.  So, don't go breaking a tooth off, and then hunting me down because you didn't follow directions--I'm putting it out there right now, THIN LAYER.  Too much. Teeth break. Got it? Got it.  #3) Because the yogurt is not super thick, it's really temperature sensitive. So although the sunbutter and chocolate will do fine to defrost for a while, the coconut yogurt layer won't hold up as well. You have to keep these bad boys in a freezer safe container IN the freezer until you're ready to consume them.  They will not hold up well in the fridge or on the counter.  So only take out as many as you plan to eat in one sitting, defrost them for a few minutes, and they should be ready to eat!

Ok folks, that's all I got. Now go make these little cuties and let me know how they turn out!  Excuse me now while I go stare into the dumpster and attempt to brainstorm some genius contraption that will help me defy gravity....


Approximately 10 oz of coconut yogurt (we use So Delicious brand, in the flavor of your choice)

Approximately 5 oz of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (more for optional)

Approximately 5 oz of Sunbutter (Creamy Natural)

Optional: Drizzle with melted chocolate, sprinkle with chocolate chips:


  1. In a small, microwave-safe bowl, place chocolate chips.  Heat in microwave 20-30 seconds at a time, stopping to stir and check, until chocolate is completely melted.
  2. In a mini muffin tin, place mini muffin liners.  Spoon a VERY THIN layer of melted chocolate onto bottom of muffin liner. Spread to make even.
  3. Place in freezer 10-15 minutes or until chocolate has firmed up and hardened.
  4. Remove from freezer, and spoon a thin layer of Sunbutter on top of chocolate. Spread to make even. Then place in freezer 10-15 minutes to firm up.
  5. Remove from freezer, and spoon a layer of coconut yogurt on top of Sunbutter to the top of the muffin liner.
  6. At this point if you want any toppings (nuts, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, chocolate drizzle, etc.) then sprinkle/drizzle those on top of the coconut yogurt, and then place the muffin tin in the freezer to fully harden 1-2 hours.
  7. Remove from muffin tin and store in a freezer safe container IN THE FREEZER.  You'll want to take these out and defrost for several minutes before eating ONE AT A TIME. These will not keep in the fridge or counter.
  8. ENJOY!



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