Movement Beliefs

I believe that movement is life. Motion is lotion...ok hear me out on this one.  The more sedentary we are, the less we move, the more stiff we become.  Both lack of mobility AND lack of stability (i.e. muscular strength) are HUGE contributors to modern disease and musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and dysfunction.  Would you believe that health costs due to MSK issues continues to rise as we become less active as a general population?  

So not only do I believe that we must MOVE daily to promote optimal health, but I also believe that our bodies are meant for so much more than just getting from place to place. We should be living our best lives when it comes to pursuing movement that we're passionate about.  For me, that is functional fitness.  General physical training that allows us to have the strength, endurance, speed, and mobility to do the things we love in life.  

This portion of the site will be devoted to personal experience with methods like CrossFit, as well as highlight research based articles that support the call for more movement.  Not only will we focus on what we can do to stabilize ourselves, but we'll also talk about things we can do mobility wise to ensure that our whole musculoskeletal system is working optimally.

In the future, after I pursue further certification in pre-natal, pregnancy, and post partum fitness, we will also dive DEEP into what movement looks like at all stages of this journey.  Can't wait to share more!