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MMP Episode 4: Guest Interview - Megan Blacksmith of Zesty Ginger

MMP Episode 4: Guest Interview - Megan Blacksmith of Zesty Ginger

"Guest Interview - Megan Blacksmith of Zesty Ginger " 

In this episode of The Modern Mamas Podcast we are talking all about balancing hormones and gut health and the immense impact each has on pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  It's a GREAT one.

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Megan Blacksmith is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner and also Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is the co-founder of where she and her partner in crime Alex Golden MD work with women in 1-on-1 and group program settings such as seasonal detoxes and a Healthy Hormone Group Program. They have created a space for women to discover underlying imbalances leading to their health concerns. They dig into topics such as hormones, detoxification, nutrient deficiency and gut health.

Megan likes to consider herself a health detective and functional lab work is the key component in her detective kit. Instead of chasing symptoms, they search for the root cause. Her own struggle with low energy, recurring infections, adrenal dysfunction and heavy metals (all while trying to balance family life with a corporate job) opened her eyes to a journey that does not require willpower and deprivation. She was able to restore her adrenal function naturally and now has the energy to do what she is really passionate about. She has two wonderful little girls: Lily, who is 6, and Paige, who is 1. They keep her busy but are her greatest motivation to create a healthier world.


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Find Megan at
On her site you'll find:
Megan's free Facebook group
Link to each of her detox programs
Community support and Guides
And a TON of awesome posts loaded with information about the topics we discussed in this episode
Megan's coffee replacement protocol

You can find her on Instagram at @gingernewtrition


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